November 7, 2018 – Texas Elections

16 Dec

Well Texas…. I know it hurts to see Lyin’ Ted win again, indicted Ken Paxton squeak by, and Dan “Bathroom Bill” Patrick close the door on us.

You know us, the open-minded and open-hearted, diverse and multilingual Texas. We who may not be wearing the cowboy garb of legendary lore, but we are legendary in our own way too. Legends in the frontier of human existence, science, art, and writing. Ideally as cosmopolitan as New Yorkers without the attitude and as relaxed as Californians without the brittleness. We who still go big like the old timers do but in the new economy and old. Cognizant of who we were and pushing toward who we should be.

Our time will come.  For in their grasp of victory drops the seeds of their destruction.  And we grow from this seed and rise to bring forth that future where we live large, dream large, and do large in all things for the world but not against it.

We are not a small, fearful people.  And for that reason our Texas – from Galveston to El Paso – will win.

Good night Texas. We’ll make it there one day.

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