Debate Questions You Won’t See

9 Oct

Since today’s absolutely disgraceful debate taught no one anything, I figure I will throw my hand in writing questions for the last debate since Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz clearly could not ask a substantive question.

Foreign Policy

  1. The Founding Fathers, including George Washington, warned against foreign alliances. Is it wise to keep NATO now that the Soviet Union is long deceased? Is it provocative to add members bordering Russia?
  2. Why should the United States value partnership with Saudi Arabia over Iran?  Is Iranian or Saudi society more compatible with American and/or Western values?  Which government is more compatible or potentially more compatible with the United States
  3. Why is Apple not paying taxes here or in Ireland? Why is the IRS defending Apple from NOT paying its taxes in the EU?
  4. The euro crisis has slowed down world economic growth due to indecisive leadership.  Should Greece either exit the euro, declare bankruptcy, or both?  What would you do as an American president on the euro crisis?
  5. The European Union as currently constructed functioning in a democratic fashion?  Is its consensus politics working or failing the majority of workers in the European Union?

Domestic Policy

  1.  Given public antipathy to the two major parties and your candidacies, why is it defensible that the United States have the most restrictive laws on forming third parties of any democratic nation?  Is it not unusual that not a single state legislature has a single third party member for a nation of over 300 million people?
  2. Competition has not reduced health care costs both inside or outside of the United States.  Why is it routinely mentioned as a solution for reducing health care costs?
  3. Labor force participation rates for men have been slowly falling for decades while more and more men are on disability.  What are the causes and what should be done about it?
  4. How would we make Congress once again after years of falling productivity and increasing partisan rancor?
  5. Do hospital chains improve health care?  Is it desirable for the United States to have a national policy of “rating” hospitals and doctors?  Do these ratings in any way improve the real health care needs of America or encourage a “patient knows best mentality” that has contributed to the narcotic epidemic?

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