The best articles on gun control

23 Dec

Since the shootings in Connecticut earlier this month, I am sure that every one is interesting in learning more about the history of guns and gun control in the United States.  A friend of mine passed along a very interesting article last year about how the Black Panthers started gun control hysteria by marching on Sacramento armed to protest a gun control bill written by a Republican and eventually signed by Governor Ronald Reagan.  The modern NRA began with a coup in 1977 led by Harlon Carter which moved the organization’s focus from hunting and marksmanship to a zero tolerance policy for sensible gun laws.

And for those concerned that the world will end (or at least get more violent), I recommend listening to this interview with Steven Pinker about the decline of violence worldwide about how murder and violence and war are at historic lows.  Crime is at historic lows in the United States, and war is becoming (surprisingly) much less rare.  To paraphrase John Lennon, “War is ending, if we notice.”


Atlantic Monthly – “The Secret History of Guns

WNYC – “Steven Pinker on why violence has declined

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