WikiLeaks Favorites

6 Dec

While the media crows about how evil WikiLeaks is and Bill O’Reilly wants the government to assassinate its founder Julian Assange, I figured the Bhatany Report should focus on the actual substance of the cables.  Here are my favorite revelations so far.  Think about what it means for the lie machine that is our nation’s foreign policy.  The WikiLeaks website has a mirror at  You can find coverage at the Guardian and the English edition of Der Spiegel.

  • Al Jazeera ain’t so neutral – the Arab world’s number one satellite news channel is not as editorially independent as it tells the world.  However, this doesn’t mean it’s propagandizing on behalf of Osama bin Laden; it’s carrying water for the Qatari royal family that sponsors it.   Certain countries Qatar is mad with will get negative coverage until they patch up with the royal family.
  • America is spying at the UN – the United States is showing blatant disregard for the United Nations by spying on its key staff.  The State Department was ordered to spy on Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon and to collect his fingerprints, credit card numbers, iris scans, and frequent flier account numbers to track his movements.  Wiretapping was encouraged as well. 
  • Who got Iraq’s oil? – Despite invading Iraq for non-existant reasons of weapons of mass destruction, the only American company that made out like a bandit in the invasion was Halliburton.  Oil companies that benefited from the Iraq invasion were all foreign.  Not only do we do wars of conquest, we suck at them too!  After the invasion, Iraq had to import gasoline   

WikiLeaks is the future, and other international bad guys await its scrutiny.  Before America huffs and puffs too much about the unwelcome scrutiny, keep in mind that the next three victims will be Russia, Wall Street, and BP.  Who wants to defend them?

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