Texas Voter’s Guide

26 Oct

Here are helpful links to make an informed decision about next week’s election on November 2nd.  Early voting has already started, and if you live in Harris County, you should vote early because all the voting machines in the county burned down last month.
Candidate Interviews
       There was no debate in this year’s gubernatorial race.  The best thing we have is two side by side one hour debates by the Texas Tribune.
Texas Tribune – Rick Perry
Texas TribuneBill White
Where do I vote?
       Early voting locations are different from Election Day polling locations.  If you want to vote early, you can vote anywhere in the county you are registered.  On November 2nd, you have to vote at you polling precinct.
Vote TexasWhere do I vote?
Who is on the Ballot?
        Enter your address to see who will be on your ballot and their positions.  This won’t have your local elections if you don’t live in Dallas.
Dallas Morning NewsWho is on the Ballot?
Who supports Who?
      Almost every newspaper in Texas has endorsed Democrat Bill White for Governor (for example, The Dallas Morning News) and has made a list of endorsements for the other races.  Most other statewide candidates endorsed by the daily newspapers are Republicans, except for Railroad Commissioner candidate Jeff Weems.  Here are a list of endorsements for statewide offices by different organizations.  Remember, the nutty State Board of Education needs replacements for their anti-science, anti-minority, and far-right agenda. 
Dallas Morning News (conservative) – Recommendations
Austin Chronicle (liberal) – Endorsements
San Antonio Express-NewsEndorsements
Texas Medical Association (physicians) – Endorsements for all senators and representatives
Houston Chronicle Endorsements
Texas Parent PAC (education) – Supporters of public education
Austin American-Statesman – Endorsements
Happy Election Day!

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