News you may not have seen

6 Oct

  • Bill Gates Wants to Raise His Taxes – Washington State doesn’t have income taxes, but Bill Gates Sr. and Jr. want to change that.  The world’s richest man and his dad understand that higher taxes on the wealthy fund essential government services, educate children, and pay for health care.  Furthermore, estate taxes prevent the creation of heritable wealth that leads to a class-based society.  The tax would only apply to households making over $400,000 and is tied in the polls.
  • Academic Medicine, meet Academic Economics – If you thought conflict of interests in academia extended just to the world of biology and medicine, meet economics.  A documentary has been made about bozo economists who get paid to make statements without disclosing who their fat cat sponsors are.  Two of them were caught making statements about how bright the Icelandic banking system was while prime academic-corporate-political whore Lawrence Summers made $135,000 for one speech at Goldman Sachs praising financial deregulation.
  • The World’s Greatest Judge is now on Trial – Spanish judge Baltasar Garzon is on trial for breaking a 1977 law to not prosecute human rights abuses under the long dictatorship of Francisco Franco.  Franco came to power in a military coup against the democratic and mildly left-wing Second Republic of Spain after a brutal three year civil war.  His fascist army was supported by, you know, Hitler, Mussolini, rich landowners, and the Catholic Church while the Republic was supported by a motley group of anarcho-syndicalists, unions, socialists, artists, communists, Trotskyists, and peasants.  Garzon is famous for having taken on the Basque terrorist group ETA and the former dictator of Chile, Augusto Pinochet.  How is a crusading judge who fought Latin America’s worst dictator on trial for prosecuting his own nation’s war crimes?  The irony is astounding


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