From Katrina to Karachi

4 Sep

5 years after Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans, flood waters ravage Pakistan.  Two regions beset by bad weather and worse politicians.  This week, I am linking readers to important causes in these areas.  One is the “Save Charity Hospital” Campaign to restore the second oldest and second largest hospital in the United States.  Nearly every poor person in New Orleans was born at Charity Hospital, and it had one of the best trauma centers in the country.  Louisiana State University wants to abandon the building and instead demolish a residential area to build a new hospital that can attract charity and paying patients.  Many communities are against this plan as well as the historical foundations.  Keeping and renovating the old hospital would be cheaper as well.  Excess mortality has reportedly increased 47% since Katrina.

The Pakistan floods have been tremendously damaging for one of the world’s most fragile states, Pakistan.  20 million people are said to be affected from these floods, and the UN Secretary-General has said this is a much bigger disaster than the Haitian earthquake or the tsunami.  Few Americans have donated or know about its massive displacements of Pakistanis.


Save Charity Hospital – Get Involved

Oxfam – Pakistan Flood Response

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