Gaza, in numbers

1 Jun

Today, the director of United Nations relief in Gaza (UNRWA) spoke at the London School of Economics.  This agency conducts humanitarian relief (food and health) and provides schooling for Palestinians.  Rather than repeat his words, I will express the situation in Gaza in statistics.  These numbers reveal the consequences of Israel’s blockade and embargo of the Gaza Strip.

  • 1,500,000 – number of people in the Gaza Strip
  • 750,000 – number of children in the Gaza Strip (50%)
  • 90% – percentage of water that is undrinkable due to the destruction of sanitation plants (WHO)
  • 70,000,000 cubic feet – amount of raw, unprocessed sewage is dumped into the Mediterranean because of the destroyed and/or unmaintainable sewer system
  • 80% – percentage of people that depend on UNRWA bread lines for 5 food items a day
  • 40% – amount of daily caloric intake provided by that food distribution
  • 150,000 going on 300,000 – number of people that are totally destitute and are too poor to even buy toilet paper
  • Hundreds – number of tunnels to smuggle goods from Egypt
  • 1 – number of SUV’s that can be fit into a tunnel
  • 120,000 – number of people that used to cross into Israel to work with security clearance before the blockade
  • 0 – number of people who can cross into Israel to work now
  • 4,700,000 – number of Palestinian refugees registered with UNRWA
  • 700 – number of schools operated by UNRWA
  • 2 – number of sessions each school uses to teach more students (morning and afternoon)
  • Thousands – number of students still turned away because of the lack of schools
  • 0 – number of schools built in Gaza in the last three years because of the ban on concrete imports
  • $2.55 billion – amount of military aid given to Israel in FY 2009 by the United States

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