State Board of Education Gets Taken to School

18 Apr

Sometimes when you think the world is completely lost, good news comes to you from unexpected places.  This week, the unexpected good news comes from the Republican Party of Texas which got rid of the far right Christian fundamentalists on the State Board of Education in two primary elections.

The infamous dentist-educator-illiterate Don McLeroy has been now shamed for the third time in his political life on the State Board of Education: first by the international media, then by the Texas Senate for refusing to confirm his nomination as chairman of the board, and now by the Republican primary voters of Brazos, Texas.  McLeroy lost to the son of ex-Lt. Governor Bill Ratliff in March.  A fellow far-right traveler lost the primary to a commonsense conservative Republican in the April runoff election.  The loonies are down to 5 out of 15 seats and should hopefully have less sway re-writing state history textbooks without any historians involved.  Life will go on, and we can stop pretending to be the new Kansas.

A fitting epitaph would be, “Those who tried to erase history were erased instead.”

Al Jazeera – “Interview with Don McLeroy

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