Weekend at Umar Yar Adua’s

11 Jan

If you’ve ever talked to a Nigerian about the state of their country, you will hear countless stories of corruption and cartoon foolishness in their military-political-thieving class.  My personal favorite is the “coup from heaven” where long-time dictator Sani Abacha died of a heart attack in the company of two Indian prostitutes (usually followed by the statment “he overdosed on Viagra”).

That cake may now have been taken by the clowns at the King Faisal Hospital in Saudi Arabia.  President Umar Yar Adua, a Muslim, was elected in very precarious health in 2007 in a blatantly rigged election.  Nigeria has a history of taking turns between Christians and Muslims for their presidents, but this time the Muslims got a bum deal because former president Obusanajo had a sickly Muslim replace him.

He is so sickly that word on the street is that he is dead and has been dead for over a month having been hospitalized in December in Jeddah.  The joke finally came out went someone sent to Saudi Arabia to get the President to sign the budget was not allowed to see him.  His aides locked the man in the room and returned a “signature” for the supplementary budget.  The hospital says he is just doing fine.

Being dead I assume would make it hard to deliver for the President to deliver the state of the union this month.

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