20 Feb

Lon Burnham of Fort Worth (the Dennis Kucinich of Texas politics) has filed a motion to impeach Judge Sharon Keller.  She’s the infamous judge on the Court of Criminal Appeals (the Supreme Court in Texas for criminal trials) that refused the hear a death row inmate’s appeal because his lawyers would miss the 5:00PM filing deadline by fifteen minutes on a Friday because of computer trouble… on the day of his execution.  The inmate was executed the day U.S. Supreme Court decided to hear arguments on the constitutionality of lethal injections. 

The rather apolitical, nonpartisan Texas Monthly called for Judge Keller’s removal.  After Lon Burnham filed the impeachment motion, the New York Times agreed and said a trial must occur.  “Killer Keller” (as she is known) is now being charged with judicial misconduct by the Commission on Judicial Conduct and will face removal from office.  News has even reached jumped the pond to the U.K. Guardian.  Let’s hear it for the Texas justice (injustice?)  system.


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