Perry and the stimulus

11 Feb

So with the gigantic stimulus package lurching towards creation, it looks like the chronically underfunded state of Texas will be receiving quite a pretty penny ($10-$14 billion depending on which version ultimately passes).  Yesterday in the Senate Finance Committee, senators asked if the stimulus package money can be used to rebuild UTMB.  It seems that there are funds in two block grants that may be used for this purpose.  The Social Services Grant would be aroound $215 million for UTMB and apparently was designed for this purpose by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. 

Of course, since politicians have the maturity of 2nd graders, Gov. Rick Perry doesn’t want to give a victory to Sen. Hutchison so one UTMB official said that Perry may not release the stimulus money.  That’s right, he’d screw UTMB just to cheat Hutchison out of a resume item  I thought this was nonsense until I saw that in the Dallas Morning News that Perry honestly doesn’t want free money from the federal government, and that the Legislature may have to override him to use it.  What a clown!

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