Bye-bye Bush. HELLO Obama!

20 Jan

After eight years of know-nothingism and do less-ism of the current administration, it is refreshing to see how far we have come from the Bush era of torture, lies, and illegal wars.  Guantanamo Bay prison will close, waterboarding is declared torture, and the Iraq withdrawal will begin on day one.

Obama has subversively misused America’s celebrity culture to make politics, history, and public service cool.  He’s returned eloquence in speech to American politics and speaks like all those speeches we read in high school textbooks.  Intelligence is now an asset, and big words are not something to be afraid of.  And by God, he looks and acts like a president…. something we haven’t seen in the post-Nixon era.

Here is someone with a sense of history and a sense of Ameica that perhaps a blueblood Ivy Leaguer like Bush could never understand.

It’s almost like you can see America’s greatness coming back before he swears in.

Obama’s Lincolnmania is a bit overdone, but I’d like to link everyone to Lincoln’s towering Second Inaugural Address to see what Obama’s been reading before his speech.  It gives you goosebumps.

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