Odds and Ends

7 Dec

Here is a very random news roundup of articles I thought were informative but not sufficient enough to make an issue of their own.


  • Sukhetu Mehta, author of Maximum City: Bombay Lost and Found, has an op-ed called “Why they Hate Mumbai.”  Between the tolerance and the Bollywood dreams, he sees something for fanatics of all stripes to hate.
  • Many of you liked the “New Russia” issue I put out a few months ago.  The Economist had a special report on Russia covering all of Mother Russia’s problems.  The most fascinating ones I read include the depopulation of Russia (annual population decrease: 700,000) from moonshine vodka, among other things, and an article about the current economy of Russia which is neither communist or capitalist but every company seems to have a KGB officer on their board.  Call it the corporatist state.


  • Hillary Clinton has been nominated as Secretary of State, and loutish war criminal Henry Kissinger is pleased.  If I wanted her running our foreign policy, I’d have voted for her in March.  Salon compares Obama’s Cabinet picks of sweaty-palmed wonks and Brookings Institute centrists to FDR’s genuinely left to right-wing circle of advisers.
  • The other “Dr. Rice.”  A look into former Clinton foreign policy adviser and Brooking Instituter Susan Rice, who sat on her hands during Rwanda, but now wants military action in Darfur against Sudan.  Do we forgive or do we forget?
  • Former governor and prostitute frequenter, Eliot Spitzer, has returned to the media as a columnist for Slate.com.  He argues against the existence of companies “too large to fail” as a failure of true capitalism and antitrust protections.  Giant financial institutions like Citigroup, which manages $2 trillion in assets, should not exist.  Too bad Clintonite and DLC Democrats helped make and run it are still thought of as economic geniuses.


  • Kay Bailey Hutchison, our unfathomly popular senator, has started her run for governor against Rick Perry.  Kinky Friedman talks about running for governor again but says, “I sure wouldn’t do it again as an independent and I can’t afford to do it as a Republican, so I’d have to run as a Democrat…. One thing’s for sure. When I die, I want to be cremated and have my ashes thrown in Rick Perry’s hair.”
  • And I got quoted by a news organization!  It seems that a Texas-based blogger at the Bhatany Report likened Rick Perry to Sarah Palin and Hutchison to John McCain.  How clever!
  • El Paso state Senator Shapleigh lays out the problems facing Texas in an op-ed about a dysfunctional state government with priorities out of control.
  • Dick Cheney got indicted, along with a state senator, in South Texas over private prisons on the border by nutcase lameduck DA Juan Angel Guerra (or as he calls himself “Juan Quixote” of the “barrio people”).  Sadly, the case was dismissed by a judge.  Read about previous theatrics here.

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