Bombay burns

26 Nov

As I write this, 7 major tourist destinations have been attacked and bombed in Mumbai, India by the “Deccan Mujahadeen.”  The historic Taj Hotel (the first 5 star hotel in all of India) is burning, and the beachfront Marriott and Ramada hotels across the street from my grandparents’ flat were attacked as well.  Hostages, especially Britons and Americans and Indian executives, have been taken by twenty-somethings with AK-47s and machine guns.  80 are dead and 900 injured.  Follow the updates at the Times of India.

India has been experiencing a major bombing almost every month in almost every major city.  Islamic fundamentalism, aided and abetted during the Cold War by the West, has come back to bite South Asia back.  The slowly imploding and insolvent unaccountable state of Pakistan has become the entire world’s problem in the era of globalization.

Will we ever put out the fire?

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