26 Sep

It’s getting to be that time again. On Friday the presidential debates will begin. Rather than sit on the sidelines, how about we push that youth vote we keep hearing about through the roof? The registration deadline in Texas is October 6th. BUY SOME STAMPS and mail these in.

Early Voting (Texas) – October 20 to October 31, 2008 – anywhere in the county you are registered in. Fewer locations than election day, but you can vote on weekends. I usually early vote.
Election day (nationally) – November 4th – only at your local precinct (click here for Texas)

Recommended Sites for registration:
Out of towners
For those of us displaced by the hurricane or otherwise out of town on November 4th, we have a few options.
1) You can early vote if you are in your home county at anytime (Oct. 20 – Oct. 31)
2) Change your registration to your new home for the next month before registration ends (Oct. 6th) and vote or early vote there
3) Apply for a mail in ballot to be mailed to your temporary address. Use this form and mail this form in to your county clerk. Since Galveston County has competitive state Senate seats up for grabs this year, you may want to do that (i.e. have a vote in something that may be close). For Galveston, mail it to this address:

County Clerk
Mary Ann Daigle
P.O. Box 17253, Galveston 77552-7253
(409) 766-2210
FAX: (409) 765-3160

The hurricane will probably affect all the elections on the Gulf Coast, especially Galveston County. See the following links for more news about the hurricane and the races affected. Mail in votes from Galvestonians could decide the Senate elections.

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