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5 years too long

21 Mar

The war in Iraq turned 5 years old. Old enough for kindergarten.

Here is one of its accomplishments.


Rolling Stone“The Myth of the Surge”

Issue XV: the Lancet Student- The Siege of Gaza

6 Mar

My latest (and last for a while) article for the Lancet Student. I did an e-mail interview with the Red Cross over the crisis in the Gaza Strip.

Check it out.

Good morning Texas

4 Mar

Its election time dear.

I know, I know, we vote a lot in this state. We have too many elected offices.

But this one is important people. We’ve made a lot of mistakes: voting for secession, Pappy O’Daniel, Rick Perry in any iteration, and, of course, George W. Bush 4 times in a row.

But we’ve had our moments of glory: Gov. Sam Houston refusing to sign off on secession, Barbara Jordan impeaching Nixon, farmers organizing into the Populist Party, and electing great progressives like Jim Hogg, Ralph Yarborough, and Jim Hightower. Even LBJ when he was president and not destroying Vietnam was pretty darn good.

We’ve been the laughingstock of the nation and world for a long time now Texas: number 1 in executions, high school dropouts, pollution, and adults and children without health insurance. By electing so many idealogues, racists, and turncoats, there isn’t much for people of color to look up to in our history.

But today and tonight we can end that. By stopping the Clinton machine with their lobbyists, Mark Penns, Enron in India lobbying, stupid trade deals, Iraq wars, Cuban embargoes, Plan Colombias, militarization of the border, and Mexico fences (started under Bill), we might just break our reactionary image and move forward to a new, progressive Texas. The beast of Texas progressive populism isn’t dead, it just slumbers.

C’mon Texas, let’s wake that beast. Our future awaits.