In a sensible world,

20 Oct

Rudy Giuliani’s poll numbers would be in the toilet after picking up the endorsement of our idiot dear governor, Rick Perry. I wonder if a Giuliani/Perry ticket should disgust America so much that even Texas votes against it. Giuliani’s law firm has been defending Perry’s retarded transporation monstrosity, the Trans-Texas Corridor. Giuliani gets to cash both Perry’s checks and endorsement to water down the social conservative fire. Yuck.

Links on Giuliani

The Nation – “Rudy’s Dirty Money” (and Texas connection… haven’t read it yet)

Rolling Stone – “Worse than Bush” (Rudy will lobby for anything)

WCBS Firefighters attack Giuliani and call him an “urban legend” and make a movie on him – cutting the heart straight out of his 9/11 mystique. The controversy involve Rudy not buying the radios the firefighters wanted or testing those radios and putting the emergency communications system in the World Trade Center even when it had been attacked in 1993. As such, the policemen got their order to evacuate before the Twin Towers collapsed, and none died in the collapse while many firefighters couldn’t hear the order through the defective radios and died in the collapse.

If Rudy gets the nod, these firefighters could make the Swift Boaters look tame by taking out Rudy’s one claim to fame.

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