Why George Bush disgusts me…..

15 Jul

For all of you who care about health care and insurance for children (particularly we in Texas who have the highest percentage of uninsured children in the nation), I think we should all be very disappointed with the fact that George W. Bush will veto a tax increase (61 cents more on cigarettes) attached to an expanded State Children’s Health Insurance plan (S-CHIP). In Washington, I lobbied for this change with some other medical students from UTMB with the American Medical Students Association in March.

I guess George Bush hates children; he doesn’t say it, but his actions speak it.

“Tax increases are neither necessary nor advisable to appropriately fund SCHIP. “

Tax increases are apparently also not advisable to appropriately fund two wars, two hurricanes, and veteran’s health (Bush refused to consider tax increases in 2005). Deficit financing all the way.

I think Crawford, Texas has to be nuked before Bush supports a tax increase (yeah, I see that he wants to repeal tax breaks for health insurance premiums, but I don’t see how that would expand coverage for children without dumping workers off it).

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